A multi-sited project which examines the concept of vision.

The project brings together the sighted and the visually impaired, examining the cross over between Site, Art, Architecture and New Technologies in relationship to sight, vision and perception. The work describes the follows: ‘To locate an issue and a question, one needs a minimum of two positions of observation, such a discourse negotiates the conversation of differences. With this cognitive method, difference is actually the necessary basis of locating; describing and finally coming to some understanding of a given object / idea insitu’.

Eight site specific events become metaphors in addressing the ‘Visual Crisis’ within the London Metropolis. Eight Interfaces from different professions such a Scientist, Architect, Artist, Writer, Photographer, Theorist, Professor, Manager and a Cab driver are invited to act as interfaces offering a different perspective of each site to each group. The sites include the Sir John Soane Museum, Creative Perfumers, British Airways London Eye, Tate Modern, the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, the Old Operating Theatre, Herb Garret Museum and the Laban international school of dance.

The visual and audio material accumulated from these site events were exhibited at Unit 2 Gallery along with objects that mediate between the blind and the visual world.

Audiences were invited to interact with the available material. The audio component of the exhibition reconstructed the spaces in which each event was produced.

These 8 site specific events are available in DVD (video) + Audio CD for exhibition.

architecture parallax : visual crisis

walking performance + exhibition

Organized by the Museum of Installation and

The Metropolitan University of London, London UK,  2005