architecture parallax : look up

col·legi d'arquitectes de catalunya · coac 2004

Architecture Parallax : Looking Up

Part of site specific series. To Look - TL

Looking up, looking down, looking ahead and looking back.

60 actors and actresses of all ages are dressed as if they belong to a site specific, local area.

They form distinct groups in various places within the general site and move around either as an individuals or groups. At certain times they will all be “Looking Up” at the same spot.

This specific addressed spot has no physical content - nothing.

This is a social engagement.

The curious passer by will engage the actors to find out what has happen, what are they looking up to, queries to what is going on, to full fill their curious expectation, a social drama-event (has one felt from a building, has an airplane crashed etc...

Since the actors are looking up into nothingness, this will give an opportunity to orally engage the public to speak about their day, their local life, the neighbourhood, architecture, the social and the city

look up • look down • look ahead • look behind - public performance