architecture parallax : scopic frame

the gallery guernsey uk 1998

institut für auslands- beziehungen (IFA) stuttgart 1998

This work is a technologically constructed instrument, an architectural perceptual machine, built by the multiplication of Recyclable Cameras with flash as if they were building bricks. These cameras were totally electronically refurbished.

A series of 4 architectural elements;

A “wall” built with 6.000 cameras, a “stairs” 5.000, a “floor” 3.000 and a “column” with 2000 cameras actually the first to be realized.

When the participating observer interacts with each architectural construct the cameras nearest to the body(ies) will flash triggered by a heat sensor. Upon the triggered flash, the eye encounters a rapid change of light and it needs time to make perceptual adjustments.

During this retinal adjustment period the retina creates a specific fluid and when light enters the eye through this fluid, the individual begins to see a spectrum of colours and forms which are constantly changing within the eye.

This is what I call the retina's drawing. In general when we observe and study art; painting, sculpture, photography and film we are experiencing what is already there, what is given to us.

The Architectual Parallax gives an opportunity for the individual to create their own cultural experience by his and hers unique interaction with the camera's flash and through the workings of their own eye.